Un for the Money

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Text on Button Un for the money
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Black text on a yellow bag on a black background

Curl Text THE SEVEN-UP CO. UC131
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The 7-Up Company's "Un-" campaign launched in 1967 and branded 7-Up as the "Uncola", a hip soft drink, instead of just a cola. Promotional images featuring brightly colored, psychedelic images appeared on billboards, posters, and in magazine advertisements until the mid 1970s. The campaign continued into the 1990s. Other slogans used included "Un more time," "Hole in Un," and "Un in the Sun."


Dougherty, P. H. (1972, February 10). Advertising: 7-Up promotes the 'Unburger'. The New York Times. Retrieved from https://www.nytimes.com/1972/02/10/archives/7up-promotes-the-unburger.h….

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