Women Against Nukes

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Illustration of the symbol for female with a fist in the center on a red and yellow background

Curl Text Feminist Resources on Energy & Ecology, Bx 6098. Teall Sta., Syracuse N.Y. 13212 copyright 1978 DONNELLY/COLT BUTTONS BOX 188 HAMPTON CT 06247
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The red and yellow back ground of this button is symbolic of the internationally recognized nuclear warning symbol. The symbolism behind this button is two-fold in that it combines the anti-nuclear and feminists movements that started in the 1960s and gained increased popularity during the 1970s. Specifically, Women Against Nukes was a workgroup of the Valley Women’s Union (1973-1977), which was founded in Northampton, Massachusetts. Members of the VWU were required to agree to socialist/feminist political principles and to take part in political actions. The VWU had many workgroups which also included “Women in Prison” and “Women Against War”.

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