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Wolf's Head Motor Oil Grime Buster

Wolf's Head Motor Oil Grime Buster Advertising Button Museum
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Wolf's Head Motor Oil Grime Buster button back Advertising Button Museum
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GRIME BUSTER WOLF'S HEAD Multi-Duty MOTOR OIL the uncommon motor oil
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Black, western-style text curved above large, black and white sheriff's badge with a can of Wolf's Head Oil in the center, small, lower-case black text curved beneath.

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Founded in 1879, Wolf’s Head Motor Oil Company sells oils, coolants, and lubricants for automotive-products. The company uses multiple slogans including, “Finest of the Fine," “Run with the Wolf,” and "The Uncommon Motor Oil." The 1968 Grime Buster marketing campaign may be related to the television show Crime Buster, which aired the same year.


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