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The Washington Fringe

The Washington Fringe Entertainment Button Museum
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The Washington Fringe button back Entertainment Button Museum
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The Washington Fringe Benefit A DELL BOOK
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Black and white photograph of a woman with long blonde hair with a white outer edge followed by a red outer edge with white text and two white stars at the bottom next to blue with white text

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Elizabeth Ray was a beautiful woman who confessed to having an affair with a Democratic Congressman from Ohio named Wayne Hays in 1976. Ray was an employee of the government as a clerk for the House administration at the time of the affair. She was making $14,000 at the time. She revealed to the press that she was a terrible secretary, she didn't type, didn't file , and couldn’t even answer the phone.

Ray was once a beauty queen, with the title of Miss Virginia 1975, and began work in DC in 1972. Before her much-publicized affair with Hays, she admits to having an affair with Senator Mike Gravel in 1972 soon after beginning her employment on the hill.

After the affair with Hays went public, she posed for Playboy magazine and hired a ghostwriter to tell her story, which was published as the Washington Fringe Benefits. As the first of the fallen ladies in government sex scandals, this opened the door to other highly publicized political affairs, including Gary Hart and Bill Clinton.

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