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Illustration of a cardinal perched on a dogwood tree branch with white flowers.  Black text against a white background encircles the illustration.  White text in a red heart is set below the cardinal.

Curl Text Newton Mfg. Co., Newton, Iowa
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“Virginia is for Lovers” is the tourism and travel slogan for the state used since 1969.  The cardinal is the state bird, and the state tree and flower are the dogwood. 

VFW stands for “Veterans of Foreign Wars.”  This organization has roots tracing back to 1899, when veterans of the Spanish-American War arrived home sick or wounded.  There was no medical care or pension for them, so they were left to care for themselves.  Some of these veterans banded together to secure rights and benefits, and by 1936, the group had grown to almost 200,000 members.  Since then, the VFW has made many achievements on behalf of veterans.

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