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Ten Year Buyer

Ten Year Buyer Club Button Museum
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Ten Year Buyer button back Club Button Museum
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Ten Year Buyer
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Illustration of a red building with blue text crossing over the top on a white background. 

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The building illustrated on this button is the Montgomery Ward Tower Building at 6 N. Michigan avenue in Chicago. It was known as the Montgomery Ward & Co. building and was built in 1899 by architect Richard E. Schmidt. The original 12-story tower building, at 394 feet high, was once the tallest building in Chicago at the time of its completion. 

Ward (Montgomery) & Co. was the world's first great mail-order retail company founded in Chicago in 1872 by Aaron Montgomery Ward, a New Jersey native who came to Chicago in 1866. The company opened its retail store in 1926 to compete with its main rivals Sears and Roebuck & Co.


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