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Take a Hippie to Lunch

Take a Hippie to Lunch Ice Breakers Button Museum
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Take a Hippie to Lunch button back Ice Breakers Button Museum
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Black text on a yellow background

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The phrase, "Take a hippie to lunch" first appeared in a 1967 article in the San Francisco Chronicle. Entitled "Take a Hippie to Lunch Today", the article is widely credited as bringing the term "hippie" to mass media. "Take a hippie to lunch" was soon adopted as a slogan of the hippie countercultural movement, appearing on buttons, bumper stickers, and handmade signs. The hippie movement, which began in the late 1950s, rejected established cultural norms in favor of communal living, pacifism, and alternative spiritual practices. Although the movement fizzled out by the early 1970s, its cultural impact remains evident today in contemporary music, fashion, and social norms.


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