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Stuyvesant High School G.O.

Stuyvesant High School G.O. 1966 Club Button Museum
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Stuyvesant High School G.O. 1966 button back Club Button Museum
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- 1966 - G.O. Stuyvesant - High School - 1967 -
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Illustration of 3 blue overlapping oval shapes with red text on a white background.

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Stuyvesant High School is a public, magnet school located within Manhattan in New York City, New York. The school opened in 1904 as an all boys trade school. By the 1910s, the school had taken a specialized turn towards mathematics and science and was quickly renowned for it’s academic prowess.

In 1967, a lawsuit was filed against the Board of Education by a female student for not being allowed to take the entrance exam based on her sex. The lawsuit went to trial and was ruled in favor of the female student; the school has admitted females from then on.

The term G.O. stands for Government Organization which was a form of student government.

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