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Royal George Theatre

Royal George Theatre I Heart Button Museum
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Royal George Theatre button back I Heart Button Museum
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Greenish-black text on a yellow background with a red heart and an illustration of a plant at the bottom

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The Royal George Theater is part of the Downtown Theater District in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. Known for their off-Broadway and pre Broadway productions, the Royal George is part of a circuit of theaters that includes the famous Apollo Theater.

The Lincoln Park area of Chicago was first settled in 1820 and Eastern European immigrants moved into the area throughout the 19th century as it developed. In the 1920s and 1930s the area had a significant mob presence until the ending of Prohibition, and in the 1960s the Civil Rights Movement rocked the community when the first Puerto Rican immigrants moved in. Today the area is a popular hub of professionals and young people and is home to zoos, theaters, parks, and museums.

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