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Put Your Money Where the Money Is

Put Your Money Where the Money Is Cause Button Museum
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Put Your Money Where the Money Is button back Cause Button Museum
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Illustration of a tree in green and brown with black text on a white background

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SM copyright Leon Shaffer Golnick Ady. Inc.

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"Put Your Money Where the Money Is" refers to a trademark slogan by Leon Shaffer Golnick Advertising, Inc. This is an advertisement for Mutual Savings and Loan Association that, along with an image of the tree, reads: "Under the Spreading Money Tree, This is the likely place for your seed money. Money you want to save in the safest, most convenient, most productive way. Or, money you want on terms you can live with for a home loan. This is the place to see the fruits of your labor grow. Here, where the smart money is. PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE THE MONEY IS...does you more good there!"

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