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Pucker Up

Pucker Up Innovative Button Museum
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Pucker Up Innovative Button Museum
Pucker Up button back Innovative Button Museum
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Lenticular image of a pair of lips smiling and puckering on a white background. 

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To pucker one's lips is to signify a kiss or blowing a kiss. This term came about in the 1600s. The Old English word blawan became the term for make an air current.

Lipstick, or red lips, became popular in the 20th century. The American women’s suffrage movement adopted red lipstick as a sign of protest. Prior to this movement, red lips were considered sexual amoral and during medieval times, having to do with the devil. Red lipstick became a common part of the modern American woman’s makeup regime. During World War II Hitler famously hated red lipstick so for an American Woman to wear red lipstick was also a protest against fascism.


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