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Peace Dove

Peace Dove Cause Button Museum
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Peace Dove button back Cause Button Museum
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Blue text on a white background with an illustration of a dove inside of the Star of David. Peace is written in Arabic, English, and Hebrew. Two light blue stripes in a wavelike manner to represent the Israeli flag.

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BUTTON KING (408) 946 5048

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The desire for peace in Israel between the Arabs and the Israelis is reflected in the symbolism of this button through the colors and the dove. The blue represents trust and peace, the white stands for wholeness, and this is reinforced with the imagery of the dove. Peace is written in English, Arabic (Salaam), and Hebrew (Shalom), and a dove is often a symbol associated with peace. Currently there is conflict in the occupied territories including the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the Golan Heights as well as the main part of Israel. Many groups have been formed to promote and advocate peace in Israel through humanitarian efforts.

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