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Party Pooper

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Party Pooper
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A woman with a sad face holds her yellow dress with both hands, surrounded by heads that are laughing. Everything is set against a blue backgound.

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The term “party pooper” seems to have sprung up in 1954. It refers to someone who refuses to join in the fun or who doesn’t want to go along with the group’s plans. Around the same time it entered common usage, the “Party Pooper” song began to circulate. The song parodies a 1916 song called, “Pretty Baby.” Using the same tune, the lyrics begin:

"Every party needs a pooper, that's why I'm inviting you,
Party pooper, party pooper ..."

The song has been around since at least the 1960s and some of the lyrics have changed over the years. Many people only know the first couple lines as they were sung in the 1995 Steve Martin movie, Father of the Bride Part II.

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