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Oxford Centennial Shavers Permit

Oxford Centennial Shavers Permit Event Button Museum
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Oxford Centennial Shavers Permit button back Event Button Museum
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Black text and an illustration of a rooster over a red circle on a yellow background

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union bug

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The Oxford Centennial was the 100 year celebration for the village of Oxford, Wisconsin. The event started on June 21 with a queen contest and ball. The celebration then restarted the following weekend with plays, square dancing in the street, bar-b-que, a parade, carnival, and a “Brothers of the Brush” contest. 

The Brothers of the Brush was a fundraising contest that would take place in town celebrations. Participants were required to start the contest with a freshly shaven face and then not shave throughout the contest, usually months leading up to the celebration event. There would be prizes for various categories such as fastest growing and best mustache. If you didn’t participate in the event, you were encouraged to buy a pin that allowed you to shave and wear it in public. If you were caught without one, you could be subject to a voluntary fine. The proceeds from the fundraiser were given to the town.


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