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Painted Pepper Farm is located on forty wooded acres in Steuben, Maine. The family that runs the farm includes parents Jordan and Lisa along with their three young daughters Ella, Maiah, and Margaret Mae. The farm has a herd of Nigerian dairy goats and specializes in selling goat’s milk yogurt, gelato, kefir, chevre, and fudge. The farm also sells Chevrecake and organic maple syrup. These products are sold at the farm seasonally as well as at farmers’ markets and retailers. Nigerian goats are also bred and sold by the farm to reputable new owners.

Open Creamery Day is an annual event which was started in 2008. The event includes demonstrations, farm tours, and a Kid’s Fun Run. Visiting the goats and learning about goat care is a main attraction for this day. The Kid’s Fun Run is also a favorite part of the event, and includes all children under the age of eighteen. For this race through the farm, every child who participates receives a button and a gelato cone. Top winners in certain age categories also get a coupon for a container of gelato to take home.


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