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National Bank of Westchester Smiley

National Bank of Westchester Smiley Smileys Button Museum
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National Bank of Westchester Smiley Smileys Button Museum
National Bank of Westchester Smiley button back Smileys Button Museum
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National Bank of Westchester HAVE A HAPPY DAY
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Yellow button with black text. One image depicts a smiley face and the says "have a nice day."

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VARI-VUE by Pictorial Productions, Inc.  Mt. Vernon, N.Y., U.S.A. PAT. NO. 2,815,310 (union bug)

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The National Bank of Westchester was first established in 1833 in White Plains, Westchester County, New York. At its height the National Bank had thirty-eight branches across the country, with most concentrated in the Northeast. It was not until 1964 with the appointment of Lloyd Jones that the banking institution had its first African-American officer. The National Bank became inactive when the Chase Lincoln First Bank acquired it in 1979.


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