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Movement on Trial Oakland Seven

Movement on Trial Oakland Seven Cause Button Museum
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Movement on Trial Oakland Seven button back Cause Button Museum
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Illustration of raised fist inside a white circle.  White text on black outer ring.

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(union bug)

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In October 1967 during the nationwide Stop the Draft Week campaign, more than 200 people protesting the Vietnam War draft blocked the entrance of the Oakland Induction Center in California. Law enforcement arrested 40 people for the anti-draft demonstrations. Seven of those people, Frank Bardacke, Terry Cannon, Reese Erlich, Steve Hamilton, Bob Mandel, Jeff Segal, and Mike Smith, were charged with conspiracy to commit misdemeanors. The misdemeanors included obstructing sidewalks, trespassing, public nuisance, and obstructing police officers. The group became known as the “Oakland Seven.” They were acquitted in 1969.

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