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Miss Budweiser U13

Miss Budweiser U13 Sports Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Miss Budweiser U13 back Sports Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Miss Budweiser® U-13 U-13
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Image of red and gold speedboat with red upper text on white background and white lower text on gold background.

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Union bug

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The Miss Budweiser, the name of a racing boat, has encompassed more than twenty boats over it’s run in the American Power Boat Association over the course of four decades. The owners, Bernie and Joe Little, cultivated a friendship with August Busch III who used Budweiser to sponsor the team. Miss Budweiser would become arguably the face of the league due to it’s prominent sponsorship, team success, and longevity.

The first Miss Budweiser hull debuted in 1956 and utilized the U-12 hull as a build. This hull was replaced by the U-13 in 1963. The team finally won their first race in 1966, winning the Atomic Cup in Tri-Cities, Washington. The team then won the ultimate prize of the league, the Gold Cup, in 1973. The Miss Budweiser would continue racing and appearing in other festivals and events until 2004. This is when the sponsorship was pulled, and Miss Budweiser went into retirement.


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