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Milwaukee Brewers Champions

Milwaukee Brewers Champions Sports Button Museum
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Milwaukee Brewers Champions button back Sports Button Museum
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A yellow background with white and blue text. A blue baseball glove is towards the top and the lineup of the 1992 Brewers team is in the center

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Visual Sports Network
7520 Devonshire Drive 
Cedarburg. WI 53012

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Founded in 1969 as the Seattle Pilots, after one season the team relocated to Milwaukee and changed their name to the Milwaukee Brewers, in homage to the strong history of beer brewing in the city (home of some of the largest breweries in the United States, Pabst, Schlitz, Miller, and Blatz to name a few). Starting in the American League, in 1998 the Brewers joined the National League. They have appeared in 1 World Series in 1982, losing to the St. Louis Cardinals 4-3. It was a particularly intense match between the two teams, not because they were rivals but because of the rival beer markets, St. Louis' Anheuser Busch and Milwaukee's Miller Brewing. Due to this the series was nicknamed the "suds series".

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