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Make Love Not Profits

Make Love Not Profits Ice Breakers Button Museum
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Make Love Not Profits button back Ice Breakers Button Museum
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make love, not profits!
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An illustration of a smiling man in a blue turban that says "LITTLE PROFIT" next to red text on a white background. 

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SM-LSGA Copyright 1969- Leon Shaffer Golnick Adv., Inc.

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The expression on this button, "make love, not profits," is an anti-corporate activism spin-off of the famous anti-Vietnam War slogan "Make love, not war." Allegedly coined by Gershon Legman, an anthologist of erotic humor in 1963, "Make love, not war" became a popular phrase in the counterculture 60s and 70s. Derivatives of the remark quickly emerged and gained popularity. 

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