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LOVE I Heart Buttons Button Museum
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LOVE button back I Heart Buttons Button Museum
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Red heart on a white background with four white hearts inside in a diagonal line spelling out "LOVE" with an arrow through them.

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Love is a strong affection for another person or thing. Love can also indicate a romantic desire. Love is used here as an acronym: Lord Our Vision Enlarge, which refers to an idea in the Christian Bible that Jesus wants to enlarge people's vision to see God and his kingdom the way Christ does.

This is one of many variations of a heart shape. The heart shape is a graphic symbol representing an expression of love. The use of the heart shape originated in the Middle Ages, though it wasn’t used to symbolize love until the 15th century. Today, it is frequently used on romantic items to indicate a specific love of something. 

The image of an arrow through a heart often refers to the Greek deity Eros and/or the Roman deity Cupid often depicted as a young boy with wings and a bow and arrow which he uses to strike people into falling in love with each other.

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