Led Zeppelin

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Text on Button LED ZEPPELIN
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Color photograph of all four members of Led Zeppelin in a seated position. White text centered on lower portion of button. 

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Curl Text C 1995 myth gem ltd. Winterland Productions BEX Ltd. Part of the C.S.P. Pub Inc. Group 200 Diversion Ste G-11 Rochester, MI Made In The USA
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Led Zeppelin is an British hard rock band active from 1968 to 1980. The band was composed of singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, drummer John Bonham, and bassist John Paul Jones. They released eight studio albums and one outtakes album after Bonham's death and the band's breakup. The band's first four albums were self-titled and numbered, IV containing some of the band's most famous songs: "Stairway to Heaven," "Rock and Roll," and "Black Dog."

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