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I'm Wise to You

I'm Wise to You Social Lubricators Button Museum
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I'm Wise to You button back Social Lubricators Button Museum
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I'm Wise To You
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Illustration in fabric of an owl's face on a white background.  Text on ribbon coming off the lower right side of button.

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Definition: be wise to (someone or something) To be fully aware or cognizant of someone or something, especially 

if it is suspicious, illegal, or malicious in nature or intention.

Example: We'd better watch our step—I think the police are wise to us! I'm wise to your scheme, and I'll find a way to make sure you can never 

put it into action! Now that I've been teaching for a few years, I'm wise to kids who 

try to cheat on their tests.

Wise to Something

Informal: Aware of a situation or way of doing something, esp. one that is dishonest:

Ex: He calls in sick almost every Monday with some phony story – I’m wise to him.


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