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I'm Surrounded By Idiots

I'm Surrounded By Idiots Ice Breakers Button Museum
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I'm Surrounded By Idiots button back Ice Breakers Button Museum
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The phrase "I'm Surrounded by Idiots" appears in white all-caps lettering on a blue background. The words "By Idiots" are underlined for emphasis.

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“I’m surrounded by idiots!” expression and variant phrases having the same meaning have occurred in anime and manga, comic books, film, literature, TV, radio, and many more instances of popular culture through time. The phrase is uttered chiefly by villains or characters in a position of power regarding their minions. However, there have been some examples when heroes express the same idea. Having the perception that incompetent assistants or fellow workers surround the villain or hero is universal, as it is demonstrated by the plethora of genres from various countries containing similar frustrations.

Scar’s famous quote “I’m surrounded by idiots!” from the 1994 Lion King movie, uttered in disdain when watching the hyenas act foolishly, is one of the most outstanding examples of the expression. 

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