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Illustration of Bozo the Clown's face in grey and red on a white background with black and red text.

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Initially created in 1946 for Capitol Records by writer and producer, Alan W. Livington, Bozo the Clown was first used for a children's storytelling record album and read-along companion book. The character was popular enough that he became the mascot for Capitol Records. Bozo was originally played by voice actor and cartoonist, Pinto Colvig, until the creative rights were later purchased by Larry Harmon of the Larry Harmon Picture Corporation (L.H.P.C) in 1956.

Harmon used the property to turn Bozo into a franchise across the United States with several local television stations producing their own Bozo shows. By this point in time multiple Bozos appeared on television across the world. The most well-known actor to portray Bozo the Clown was Bob Bell, who portrayed Bozo for WGN-TV in Chicago. Bell stayed in the role from 1960-1984. Broadcast every weekday at noon, the show featured comedy skits, cartoons, and games with the audience. The show continued to be a popular program until its cancellation in 2001. 

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