I Heart Yellowknife N.W.T.

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Text on Button I Yellowknife N.W.T.
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Red heart with an arrow through it next to black text over white background. 

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I ♥ placename buttons became popular as a result of an advertising campaign to help New York City's battered public image in the middle 1970s. However, this button suggests its wearer would have been quite fond of Yellowknife, the capital city of Canada's Northwest Territories.

Yellowknife is located on the shore of the Great Slave Lake, roughly 250 miles south of the Arctic Circle, and home to nearly 20 thousand people.  The Dogrib people originally settled the area.  People of European descent began settling the area after the discovery of gold, uranium, and silver in the 1930s.  Today, its population is diverse, but the majority of its population is of European descent.  Its economy is fueled by the oil, gas, and mining industries.  Diamonds are so important that the city's motto is the "Diamond Capital of North America."  

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