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I Heart Older Whiskey And Younger Women

I Heart Older Whiskey And Younger Women I Heart Button Museum
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I Heart Older Whiskey And Younger Women button back I Heart Button Museum
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Blue and yellow text illustration with "XXX" whiskey bottle. Heart symbol for love and lips drawing the O in women.  

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Zap Series 2 © 1987 American Gag Bag Atlanta, GA

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Country music singer Tom T. Hall (aka The Storyteller) wrote a song proclaiming “faster horses, younger women, older whiskey, and more money" are the mysteries of life.¹

But why do men love younger women? Apparently, women mature faster than men; men like playing the role of breadwinner and protector; men like knowing they’re preferred to their “more virile male peers;” and the attraction to the physical perks of younger women². 

As for the whiskey, the XXX could mean distilled 3 times - high proof (44.4% alc/vol.).³  Top shelf. 


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