I Believe The Bible

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Illustration of opened white book with a candle's light illuminating differing colors of red and orange at the bottom of button.  White text on red background.

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"I believe the Bible," is a reference to the Christian faith and its usage of the religious text. The Christian Bible consists of two parts, the Old Testament and the New Testament broken down into smaller books that contain chapter and verse. The books of the Bible are compiled from several sources including texts passed down through oral or written tradition in different cultures or languages of the time and era that are seen to be accurate and holy by the Christian church. Other prominent religions, including Judaism and Islam, share some of the books of the Christian Bible in their religions.

Christianity teaches that God has left lessons in the Bible that explain where the world came from, an origin to human emotions or conditions, how to decide a moral sense of right and wrong, and how believers can find forgiveness and peace for everlasting life. The Bible as a historical text provides archeological and genealogical evidence for the history of the Middle East regions through several generations of rulers and conflicts. The New Testament of the Bible contains accurate information about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. The Christian religion encourages people to affirm their faith in Jesus Christ as the son of God and that these affirmations should be spread to others to spread the good news, i.e. proclaim the gospel. In this instance, "I believe the Bible" serves both as a personal statement of faith and as something that reaffirms the validity of Christianity.


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