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Hobo Day

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Hobo Day button back Event Button Museum
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Hobo Day Oct. 21, 1967 Brookings "Bomb the U"
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Illustration of cartoon rabbit wearing a black shirt holding a bomb in each hand with a red fox below it with black and red text inside a yellow starburst on a black background.

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Hobo Day is a tradition at South Dakota State University that goes back to November 2, 1912. It replaced the Nightshirt Parade which was the primary homecoming tradition from 1907-1911. South Dakota State University got the idea of Hobo Day from the University of Missouri. Traditionally, men grow beards and both men and women dress as hobos. The entire week of homecoming events incorporates the hobo theme and includes a Hobo Parade, a Bummobile, Hobo Camps, and the Miss Homelycoming pagent.

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