Have a Nice Day Daisy

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Text on Button have a nice day
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Red, orange and yellow background in descending waves. A white daisy with a green stem is next to the purple text

Curl Text COPYRIGHT 1974 RUSS BERRIE & COMPANY INC. 111 BAUER DRIVE, OAKLAND N.J. 07436 (201) 891-7500 N.Y. LINE 564-4570
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This button was created by the Russ Berrie & Company Inc. which was founded in 1963 by a toy salesman named Russ Berrie. The company sold "impulse" items such as, mugs, small figurines, stuffed animals, greeting cards, and various other home accessories. The company's brands included: RUSS, Applause, Sassy, and Kids Line. In 1964, Berrie created his first line of manufactured novelty items. The first was a line of stuffed animals called Fuzzy Wuzzies and the second was a line of rubber dolls called the Bupkis Family. In 1992 one of the companies oldest product, trolls, spiked in popularity due to wild demand. In 2009 the company changed its corporate name to Kid Brands, Inc. and as of April 2011 The Russ Companies no longer exist as an entity.

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