Happy Haunting

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Orange text over a black background with bats, a lightening bolt and a yellow moon.  

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“Happy haunting” is a play on the expression “happy hunting” or “good hunting,” which is typically said to someone who is about to embark on a mission of some sort. An early written record of the phrase “good hunting” appears in a 1937 memoir by a World War II soldier. In one section of the book, a soldier wishes another soldier “good luck and good hunting” before leaving for a mission. This spooky play on the popular military saying is wishing someone luck on their haunting exploits. 

American Greetings Corp. began as a one-man card-jobbing business founded in 1906 by Jacob Sapirstein, a recent immigrant and son of a Polish rabbi. By 1993, it was the world’s largest publicly owned manufacturer and distributor of greeting cards, with $1.6 billion in sales and a net income of $112 million.


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