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Foster Farms

Foster Farms Advertising Button Museum
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Foster Farms button back Advertising Button Museum
Bakersfield Californian February 17, 1971
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A symbol in the center of the button shows an illustration of a chicken and the company's name and logo on a dark and light red background respectively. The blue text arches over and under the symbol as a border, and there are two red stars on the left and right. The background is white.

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LPIU 241-L

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Foster Farms started initially in Modesto, California when Max and Verda Foster bought land in 1939. The farm began their farming endeavor by raising turkeys. The business grew throughout the 1950s and continued to have a commitment to raising the highest quality chickens that they could. The company continues to operate on the principal of raising and selling high-quality poultry to this day. In the 1960s the company outgrew their facilities in Modesto and decided to move to Livingston, California where it continues to reside today. An article in the Bakersfield Californian, that ran on February 17, 1971, explained Foster Farm’s new campaign:
Support Your Local Chicken!” The advertising line was created “to make housewives very much aware of the fact that Foster Farms chickens are fresher because they’re delivered to the store daily, in competition with out-of-state chicken which may be several days en route.” (pg. 30) The slogan was intended to be a more creative way of saying that the Foster Farms chickens are “fresh.”

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