East Palestine Sportsmens Club

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Illustration of a lake with a fish leaping out of the water, a duck flying next to a cloud and a hunting rifle and fishing rod criss-crossed over the image. There is black text along the top edge and centered under the illustration on a white background.

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The East Palestine Sportsmen’s Club is located in East Palestine, Ohio, very near Pennsylvania. According to the website (http://www.epsportsmensclub.org/) of this club they are a non-profit organization who strives to “bring closer cooperation between sportsmen, farmers, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the National Wildlife Service and the general public in an effort to increase awareness of wildlife and its habitat.” The club dedicates itself to education through training in hunter safety and firearms. Furthermore, the club works towards the improvement of hunting and fishing environments through educating members and nonmembers. The club also puts on benefits and events for community members. For example, they have held numerous fishing events for handicapped community members.

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