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Ducks Unlimited

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DU, or Ducks Unlimited, is an American non-profit organization that works to conserve wetlands. Ducks Unlimited was first established in 1937 in response to the negative effects of widespread drought during the Dust Bowl era on America's wetlands and waterfowl populations. Today, Ducks Unlimited partners with corporations, governments, landowners, and private citizens to restore and manage wetland areas, focusing on areas that provide important habitats for waterfowl. Ducks Unlimited has worked on projects in all 50 states and it is estimated that they have conserved at least 12.5 million acres since the organization was first founded. The majority of DU members are hunters who work to promote the continuation of safe and regulated waterfowl hunting through volunteerism and fundraising, in hopes of “Filling the skies with waterfowl, today, tomorrow, and forever”.

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