Down the Pike Republican National Convention

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Text on Button Down the Pike to Washington Full Speed Ahead Detroit Michigan Republican National Convention
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A bright blue rimmed button with white text on the rim.  In the center of the button is the image of an elephant driving a red Model T type car emblazoned with the year "1980". The elephant is waving a flag. Black text is underneath the cartoon. 

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The 32nd Republican National Convention was held in July, 1980 at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit Michigan.  This was the third attempt for Ronald Reagan at a nomination (1972, 1976).  Reagan arrived at the convention with 400 out of 478 delegates in his favor.  Although rumors floated around about a Reagan-Ford ticket, discussions between the two broke down and Reagan chose George W. Bush as his running mate. 

The pairs’ slogan was “Let’s Make American Great Again.”  Reagan and Bush overwhelmingly defeated incumbent Jimmy Carter for the Presidential Election.

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