Donvier Ice Cream Maker

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Illustration of an ice cream cone with yellow ice cream and yellow text outlined in black over the top all on a white background.

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In the year from 1985 to 1986, Donvier ice cream makers made up 30% of the ice cream makers sold. Manufactured by Nikkal Industries in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the compact, non-electric machines were advertised on their ease of use. They required no electricity, no salt, no ice, and just a few turns of a handle. Donvier machines worked by the use of “Chillfast”, a non-toxic refrigerant that was sealed inside an aluminum tub. Once the tub was frozen, the ingredients would freeze and stay cold upon contact. In 1986, a half-pint Donvier with the design featured on this button was released for customers who wanted to make smaller batches of ice cream. Donvier also made small machines designed for children, which included instructions and recipes that young readers could follow. 

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