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Creem Magazine button back Event Button Museum
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Black text round the outer edge with an illustration in the center of a character on a silver background

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Creem was a monthly rock ‘n’ roll magazine that was first published in 1969 and ended publication in 1989, though it had a short return in the early 1990’s. The magazine is credited with creating the term “punk rock”. Creem picked out punk rock and new wave movements early and are also credited with providing large amounts of exposure to upcoming artists such as David Bowie, Blondie, Lou Reed, and Roxy Music, as well as being the leaders on coverage of upcoming rock and metal groups like The Smiths, The Go-Go’s, Kiss, Van Halen, and The Cure. The “Boy Howdy” icon was designed by cartoonist Robert Crumb. 

This button is most likely in celebration of the magazine's ten-year anniversary. 

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