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Commodores Music Button Museum
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Commodores button back Music Button Museum
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Pinkish text on a striped background

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The Commodores, an American R&B group, released their fifth album self-titled “Commodores” in 1977. The album spent eight weeks at the top of the R&B/soul chart and was their first in the top 5 pop chart. The group dedicated this album to Kathy Faye LaPread, bass guitarist Ronald LaPread's wife, who had recently died of cancer.

The members of the Commodores met in 1968 as freshman at Tuskegee Institute. They first became popular touring for The Jackson 5 in the 70s, and in 1972 signed a contract with Motown Records. Their most successful period was in the early 80s when Lionel Richie was co-lead singer. In 1986 they won their first Grammy for the song “Nightshift.”

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