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Buy Union Buy American Creative Photo Crafts. Toledo, Ohio; “America’s Union Button Maker” 419-691-0493; 34
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Blue on a white semi circle background and white text on a red semi circle background with a blue eagle and stars.

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The Union Label and Service Trade Department was founded in 1909 to promote the purchase of American and union made products. Union labels began to show up, informally, in the late 19th century as a result of industrialization. Labels were added to inform consumers that the products they were buying were made by workers that had worked the new eight-hour day. The Union Labels were implemented more nationally after the 1909 founding of the UL & STD. Union made products were identified through the union label, store and shop cards and service buttons. This button would have served as a “service button” for a worker. In other words, this button would have served to inform customers that the employee who wore it was working for a fair and decent employer and that the products that were being sold at that establishment were union made. 

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