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Book It with Swirls

Book It with Swirls Cause Button Museum
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Book It with Swirls Cause Button Museum
Book It with Swirls button back Cause Button Museum
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Book It!
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Purplish-blue background with white bubble text at the bottom and an illustration of an open book in white and red with a rainbow and blue stars across the top edge and colorful swirls and stars emanating from the book.

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copyright symbol 1988 PIZZA HUT INC

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Book It! is a children’s reading program that began in 1984. It was created by a former Pizza Hut president who was motivated by President Reagan’s push to get corporations involved in education and his own son’s struggles with reading. The program encourages children to read by rewarding their accomplishments with award certificates and pizza from Pizza Hut restaurants. It is run every year from October to March through elementary schools and the reading goals are established by teachers for their students individually.

The original Book It! button debuted in 1985.

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