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Because I was Hungry

Because I was Hungry Advertising Button Museum
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Because I was Hungry button back Advertising Button Museum
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Hot pink and Orange text with and illustration of a tiger above it on a white button. 

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"Because I Was Hungry" was one of several taglines used by Sambo's Restaurants. This restaurant chain was created in 1957 by Sam Battistone, Sr. and Newell Bohnett. The restaurant's name was created by taking the "Sa" in Battistone's first name and "Bo" in Bohnett's last name. At the flagship restaurant in Santa Barbara, CA, the walls were decorated with artwork from the story " Little Black Sambo." The name "Sambo" has a loaded history which is filled with racism. At the height of it's popularity Sambo's had 1,117 locations in 47 states. However, due to the public outcry and the racially charged nature of the name many locations were renamed "No Place Like Sam's " or "Jolly Tiger." By 1981 Sambo's filled for bankruptcy and the only existing location is the flagship restaurant.


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