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Be Kind to Animals Humane Society

Be Kind to Animals Humane Society Cause Button Museum
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Be Kind to Animals Humane Society button back Cause Button Museum
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White background with an image of a bird, horse, bear, and cat in a forest setting surrounded by red text.

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Pledge I will try to be kind all living creatures, and try to protect them from cruel usage. Am. Human Ed. Soc. Printed In U. S. A. 

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The American Humane Education Society, now American Humane, began commemorating “Be Kind to Animals Week” in the Spring of 1915. It has become the United States’ longest running humane education campaign. It is part of their animal rescue initiative and encourages donations and adoption.

On the back of the button is a pledge that was required of all members of The Bands of Mercy. This organization was part of the American Humane Education Society that focused on educating youth on the importance of being kind to animals. The Bands of Mercy was founded in Europe in 1875, and in 1882, a North American chapter was founded by George T. Angell and Rev. Thomas Timmins.

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