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Battle Ground Centennial

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Red text and an illustration of a person looking off at a cabin in the distance on a white background

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The City of Battle Ground, Washington, took its name from an 1855 standoff between a company of soldiers from Fort Vancouver. However, this event never resulted in a battle. People from the Klickitat tribe, led by a man named Umtuch, fled their internment near the fort. Captain Strong led his men in pursuit of the Klickitat. Accounts of what transpired vary, but somehow, Umtuch was shot. Nevertheless, Captain Strong and the tribe members came to an agreement that the tribe would return to Fort Vancouver. After mourning their leader, the tribe members honored their promise and returned to the fort. Captain Strong became a target of ridicule, and the site of the “battle” became known as “Strong’s Battle Ground.” The name “Battle Ground” stuck.


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