Atari Warlords

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While Warlords was originally released by Atari, Inc. in 1980 as an arcade game, Warlords 2600 came out for the Atari 2600 console the next year in 1981. Promotional buttons for their major games were released as part of the Atari advertising campaign, including Pac Man, Asteroids, Ms. Pac Man, and Warlords. Since Warlords for Atari 2600, there have been several more updated versions for various consoles.
Warlords is essentially a more strategic and theme-based version of Pong. In Warlords, 1-4 players have a castle, a Warlord, and a moving shield. Each player controls the shield, moving it along the outside of their castle to protect the castle walls and their Warlord inside from the bouncing fireball. The fireball bounces off of the shield, which allows players to both protect their own castle and Warlord while taking aim at the opposing castles and Warlords. Even if the castle walls are not entirely broken down, a player can still be eliminated if the fireball slips by and hits their Warlord. To win, a player must be the last Warlord standing.


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