Al Capone

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Pale yellow background with line illustration of a man wearing a hat.

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Alphonse Gabriel Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up, Capone was a low-ranking Five Points Gang member. Capone moved to Chicago where he became a bodyguard for Johnny Torrio, boss of the Chicago Outfit Gang. After Torrio retired, Capone became the new boss. He quickly expanded the gang’s bootlegging business during the Prohibition Era. The gang’s violence contributed to Capone being “Public Enemy No. 1” to the FBI. Eventually, Capone was sentenced to prison for 11 years for tax evasion, a strategy used by the government in order to prosecute high-ranking gang members. Capone was released after 8 years; he died shortly after being released from cardiac arrest.

This button was manufactured by the Busy Beaver Button Co.

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