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Tony Galento for Pres

Tony Galento for Pres Entertainment Button Museum
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Tony Galento for Pres button back Entertainment Button Museum
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Image of Tony Galento with red and blue text​​

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union bug

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Tony "Two Ton" Galento was an American heavyweight boxer who is well known for his colorful antics both in and outside the arena. Born Dominic Anthony Galento, Tony earned the nickname "Two Ton" for a famous incident in which he was nearly late to one of his matches. Upon being asked why he nearly missed the fight, Tony responded with "I had two tons of ice to deliver on my way here." A natural showman, Galento engaged in a series of publicity stunts throughout his career. As shown on this button, Galento once campaigned as a representative of the Prohibition Party in a fake run for president. In addition, Galento also famously wrestled an octopus and boxed a kangaroo as well as a bear.​​

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