Let's Build Oregon Together

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Orange background with white and black text with a black and white illustration of a beaver in center; the beaver is weather a hat and ovealls, and is winking and giving a "thumbs up" sign

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The First National Bank of Portland used this motto in the 1950s to promote their belief in the importance of their financial institution working with the individual Oregonian to: “keep our state forging ahead to greater and greater goals!”

The First National Bank opened its doors in 1866. The country experienced a financial panic in 1873, but the bank met the challenge and kept its doors open. It would continue to stay open and keep services available for their customers during every panic afterwards. In 1979 the bank merged with several other banks to form the First Interstate Bank of Oregon, and in 1996 Wells Fargo bought First Interstate. Today the First National Bank Building in Portland, built in 1916, remains standing and is on the National Register of Historic Places.


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