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Danger Powder

Danger Powder Advertising Button Museum
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Danger Powder button back Advertising Button Museum
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Button shows a child in a green shirt with black dots sitting on a barrel with a lit fuse, over a white, yellow, and blue background.

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1st DIST. N.Y.
W & H CO

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Hassan and Tokio cigarettes ran promotions from 1910s-1930s which included buttons and cards with witty cartoons. There is a set of 376 known buttons. They featured cartoons by artists such as as Rube Goldberg, George McManus, Tom McNamara, Bud Fisher, Hal Hoffman, and others. Tom McNamara, was an artist and director born in San Francisco in 1886. He was an illustrator for the San Francisco Chronicle at the turn of the century. McNamara created the Us Boys comic strip in the 1910s, and In the 1920s began directing Our Gang (Little Rascals) short films. McNamara also created titles and wrote for several silent films, including Little Annie Rooney, which starred "America's Sweetheart," Mary Pickford.

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