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independent comicbook

Robot 13 is an independent comic book written by Thomas Hall with art by Daniel Bradford, published by Blacklist Studios. Originally self-published in 2009. 1" , no curl text

Sep 27, 2014 Syracuse hosted Notre Dame in the NY College Classic held at Met Life Stadium East Rutherford, NJ. This button was worn by the vendors. When the game was over and we were leaving we asked a vendor if they would aprt with their button. He generously handed it over. 3", lock pin, no curl text.

Comic Convention

The promoters of the 2013 Asbury Park Comic Con utilized this button as an admission pass to the convention, held at the Asbury Park Convention Center. The button features Asbury Park's mascot Tillie converted to look like Robin the Boy Wonder. 1.5", locking pin, no curl text.

Secret Squadron

Captain Midnight - Revived by Dark Horse Comics in 2012. The Captain Midnight character first aired as a radio serial in 1938. This button was distributed by Dark Horse Comics during the 2013 NY Comic Con. In the back of the book was a statement that the button would be available to anyone requesting the button while visiting their booth. 2", locking pin. Curl text: Captain Midnight c 2013 Dark Horse Comics Inc.


M3 is an award winning independent comic book written by Erica Schultz with art by Vincente Alcazar. 1", locking pin. No curl text.

NY Bets

1972 George Lois initiated every New Yorker into a new team: You're too heavy for the Mets? You're too light for the Jets? You're too short for the Nets? You're just right for the Bets! His clean sports angle made Off-Track Betting socially acceptable, and New Yorkers entered sleazy smoke-filled OTB parlors in droves and the city made a bundle. 2", NG Slater curl text. Locking style pin

Junior Ice Skating Competition

During the 1960s Prospect Park skating rink was home to the Brooklyn Blades Junior Ice Skating Competition. Measures 3", locking style pin, no curl text



Busy Bee Reading Club

From 1960-1965 

Detroit- Where Life is Worth Living. Celluloid Oval Open Pin Badge

The Detroit Convention and Tourist Bureau used the phrase "Detroit-Where Life is Worth Living" as the city's unofficial motto. It appears in the DCTB brochure as early as 1915. The motto comes from the first line of Edgar A. Guests' poem "In Detroit" (1913). The button features the silhouette of the Detroit skyline as seen from the Detroit River. This celluloid oval open pin badge was produced by Bastian Brothers Company of Rochester, NY.


This 5/8" celluloid button has L.O.T.M. written above a globe with a beehive on it. Under the hive are 5 intertwined rings with the letters T F L S P within them. On the left of the hive, a ribbon says Ad Astra. To the right, a ribbon says Peraspera.

The back paper is from Whitehead & Hoag 1896.

I'm thinking this is from some type of fraternal organization, but I can't seem to track down which one. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

I have had this pinback button in my collection since I started it in the early 90's. It's celluloid, with a black & white photo of a woman sitting on a globe, eating a bowl of rice. The perimeter says: DIGESTIBLE NUTRITIOUS CHEAP - WRITE FOR RICE RECIPES FREE - RICE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, CROWLEY, LA. (with a signature.) In the center of the globe, it says: Eat The World Food RICE.

Celluloid. Gold outer ring with colorful photographic heads of Henry Hudson and Robert Fulton above three drawings of ships in the Hudson River. Dates Sept. 25 to Oct. 9 are written below. 


Back paper says J. Boller, Novelties. Carnival Goods. Has a stamp with a 19 next to it. Then Confetti. 10 Barclay St., new York.


Rare Willkie Pin

This Willkie pin/button/broach belongs to the Hot Springs County Museum.  We have looked on the internet for a long time and can not find another like it.  Has anyone ever seen one of these before?  Know the manufacturer?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.   Please email to

Thank you,

J.D. Hurd, Historian

When was it produced & what it is worth? When tilted the colors "move".

I would like any information you may have on this button such as when it was produced & how much it may be worth.


in german language : Als Warenzeichen Patentrechtlich Geschützt
the whitehead & Hoag....Made In U.S.A.

My mother saved this button but I never learned its history. Is it possibly a Welcome Home for the WWI vets? On the back a paper insert says - Manufactured by St Louis Button Co, St Louis, Mo, Pat  Aug 8, '99. Can anyone add to the history?

Found in garfield, kentucky

Pinback shows Dixie Lee from the Smilin Jack comic strip of the 1930's-1950's by Zack Mosley.  Pinback character verified by Zack's daughter Jill Mosley.  Pinback issued by the June 1942 graduating class of Bartram High School in Philadelphia.  The Philly schools issued pinbacaks over a 40 year period to identify their high school graduations.  Anyone having any information about this high school tradition is asked to contact Hu Baer

1930 MSFA Balto. Convention

Balto. MSFA 1930
Baltimore Convention for the 
Maryland State Firemen's Association
St. Louis Button Co. stamped on back
Available on eBay at present time

Philadelphia High School Flying Jenny Pinback

This pinback was issued by Overbrook High School in Philadelphia.  The class of Feb 1942 had chosen Flying Jenny from the comic strip of the same name drawn by Russell Keaton to be their class mascot.  Issuing pinbacks showing a class mascot was a Philadelphia High School tradition.  This is one of the very few pinacks known to show Flying Jenny.  Anyone having information about class mascots chosen by other Philadelphia High Schools is encouraged to comment.

Disney Huey Dewey Louie Pinback Button

This pinback is from Bartram High School in Philadelphia and was issued to commemorate the graduation of the class of June 1942.   I am looking to obtain another copy of  this button and find out more about how it came to be issued by the school.  It is a licensed Disney product.  I am also looking for a similar pinback showing Huey, Dewey, and Louie that was issued in February 1942.  The Philadelphia High Schools graduated two classes a year back then.  I am trying to find out as much as possible about these Philadelphia pinbacks, especially those showing comic strip characters.  Any help