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I live in Virginia in my family's home that was built in 1838 and passed down through the generations till it became mine. I found this button and I think it was my great grandmother's. I don't know much more about it and couldn't find any additional info either when I googled it. Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Dear Sirs: I am trying to find out when this pin is from. It was made by Bastian Bros. Company.


I found this button in a thrift store and was wondering what year and if he was running for senator?

They passed these out to the Engineering Students and their family attending the St. Patrick's Day celebration

Perth Amboy, NJ

Campaign button for George Otlowski, who served as Mayor of Perth Amboy NJ from 1976 - 1990

1 1/2", unlocking pin

Curl text: Ace Novelty, Carteret, NJ

Rock Radio

WNEW-fm - one of the top progressive rock radio stations 1967 - 1999. The format was free form allowing the DJs to play what they liked or the audience requested. The music was mostly AOR (album oriented rock)

1 5/8", litho, unlocking pin, no curl text.

Rock Radio

WNEW-fm - one of the top progressive rock radio stations 1967 - 1999. The format was free form allowing the DJs to play what they liked or the audience requested. The music was mostly AOR (album oriented rock)

2" litho, locking pin, no curl text

Travel Alberta

1980s promotional button for the Alberta Canada Culture and Tourism.

2 1/4", spring pin back, curl text: The Badge Man

PS199 GO

PS 199 General Organization. Students paid an annual fee to help support school programs. The fee gained entrance into the General Organization, students wore the button to show their participation in the school program.

PS 199 Brooklyn, NY issued for the school year 1965-1966

1" , no curl text, unlocking pin

Betty Boop for President

Betty Boop for President was the name of one of Betty's movies in 1932. While walking near Madison Square Garden, NY during the Democratic Convention in 1980, someone was handing out these pins.

Measures 1.25" with spring-back pin. No text on curl

Uncle Floyd Show

Floyd Vivino is an entertainer, comedian, piano player.. He hosted his own television show The Uncle Floyd Show on the UHF stations in the New Jersey-New York area from 1974 - 1998. The show consisted of adult humor and music acts in a parody of children's television. A frequent guest on the show were The Ramones.

The button measures 1.75", with a spring-back pin. Text around the curl reads - Garland Adv Co Brooklyn, NY

Captain Clockwork

Captain Clockwork is an independent comic book title from Glenn Whitmore. After working for the major publishers, Whitmore created his own title character in Captain Clockwork.

The button measures 1.5", with a spring-back pin. text on the bottom reads (c) 2013 Glenn Whitmore

Twilight Zone Hologram

This holographic button was packaged with a special issue of Now Comics The Twilight Zone - The Science Fiction Special, January 1993.

The button measures 1.5" with a spring-back pin.

text around the bottom reads The Twilight Zone TM and (c) 1992 CBS Entertainment. All rights reserved.


Text on Button: 


Image Description: 

Photo of a prone man with feet standing on his back. Blue background with white text and a yellow asterisk.

Curl Text: 


Back Style: 

Locking pin

The Shape: 


The Size: 

2 inch

Year / Decade Made: 


The Manufacturer: 

Topps Chewing Gum, Inc.

The Joyce - Cridland Co.


Dayton, Ohio

1-3/4" diameter tape measure

Parisian Nov. Co. Chicago

Pabst Brewing Co. Employee ID Badge

Los Angeles

1-1/2" diameter locking pin back

Whitehead - Hoag

Pat. Appl'd For Newark, N.J.

Bartenders Union Local 131

Nov., 1938

Newark, NJ

7/8" diameter pin back


I'm Irish Kiss Me

Mickeys Malt Liquor

2-3/16" diameter pin back


Orange Crush Soda

15/16" diameter pin back

Pabst Georgia

Purple Ribbon

Pic of Olympic Torch

 Swing In

Atlanta '72

1-5/8" diameter pin back

1-7/16" diameter locking pin back

DuBois Brewing Co.

DuBois, PA

1-7/16"" diameter

Orange Crush Soda


3" diameter pin back

1/2" diameter pin back

Whitehead Hoag paper insert inside back.